French MaltParser model

The file fremalt-1.7.mco contains a single malt configuration for parsing French text with MaltParser, version 1.7. The parsing model has been trained on a dependency version of the French Treebank (Candito et al., 2010). The parser presupposes that the input is in CoNLL format and tagged with the part-of-speech tags of the MElt tagger (Denis and Sagôt, 2009) as shown in the example below.

Note: This model can be used for research purposes provided that you have a license for the French Treebank. If you want to use it for commercial applications, please contact the license holder for the treebank to find out which conditions apply.

Running fremalt

Download fremalt-1.7.mco into your working directory and execute the following command:

prompt> $ java -Xmx1024m -jar maltparser-1.7.jar -c fremalt-1.7 -i infile.conll -o outfile.conll -m parse

where infile.conll and outfile.conll should be replaced by the names of your input and output files. For more information, see the MaltParser user guide.

Here is an example of an input sentence:

1	Nous	_	CL	CLS	_
2	prions	_	V	V	_
3	les	_	D	DET	_
4	cinéastes	_	N	NC	_
5	et	_	C	CC	_
6	tous	_	A	ADJ	_
7	nos	_	D	DET	_	
8	lecteurs	_	N	NC	_
9	de	_	P	P	_
10	bien	_	ADV	ADV	_
11	vouloir	_	V	VINF	_	
12	nous	_	CL	CLS	_
13	en	_	CL	CLO	_
14	excuser	_	V	VINF	_
15	.	_	PONCT	PONCT	_	

Note that the columns are tab-separated and that the part-of-speech tags in column 4 are a coarse-grained variant of the full part-of-speech tags in column 5.