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MaltParser 1.9.2

Package org.maltparser.core.options

Classes for management of all options used in the application and its plugins.

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Package org.maltparser.core.options Description

Classes for management of all options used in the application and its plugins.

All options are described in options.xml under the appdata directory and in plugin.xml under the root directory in the plugin directory for each plugin. The options.xml file have following format:

                <optiongroup groupname="%groupname">
                        <option type="%type" name="%optionname" flag="%flag" default="%default" usage="%usage">
                                <legalvalue name="%legalvaluename" class="%class">%legalvaluedesc</legalvalue>

One or many optiongroup elements are enclosed by the options. The optiongroup element enclose one or more option. Each option contains at least two description elements: desc and shortdesc. The attributes used by the optiongroup element and the options element are descibed below:

groupnameThe name of the option group that categorize a group of options.
nameThe name of the option
type There are following option types:
unaryThe option has no value, this type is only used by the help option to indicate that help should be displayed.
boolBoolean option, can take either true or false value.
integerInteger option, can take an integer value.
stringString option, can take a string value.
enumEnum option, can only take a predefined value.
stringenumStringEnum option, can either take a string value or a predefined value.
classClass option, can take a predefined value that corresponds to a class in the MaltParser distribution.
flag A short version option indicator.
default If there is a default value it is specified by this attribute.
usage Indicates the usage of the option:
trainThe option is only relevant during learning.
processThe option is only relevant during processing (parsing)
bothThe option is relevant both during learning and processing (parsing)
saveThe option is saved during learning and cannot be overloaded during processing (parsing)

An option of one the types: enum, stringenum and class, should at least contain one legalvalue element. Common for the three types is that they should contain an identifier specified by the name attribute and a short description of the legal value. For the stringenum type there should also be a mapto element that specifies what the identifier should be mapped to. The class type should contain a class attribute that specifies what class should be loaded.

All options are described in a short version and a long version. The option value can be specified in different ways (see the user guide: Controlling MaltParser.

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MaltParser 1.9.2

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